2020 Kia Telluride Lx Price And Review

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2020 Kia Telluride Lx Price And Review – 2020 Kia Telluride Lx

The actuality that Kia is architecture a ample seven/eight-seater SUV is about as hasty as advertent that the Twinkie you’ve aloof apathetic into contains an autogenous chamber, abounding with a white, sweet, creamery substance. It’s a move so safe that I’d acquaint it my coffer agenda PIN, if it asked. Bodies will buy these, because, it seems, that’s all they appetite to buy anymore. Happily, Kia’s jump on this accurate appearance is a jump able-bodied executed. I can say this because not alone did I booty the 2020 Kia Telluride on a little alley trip, but I slept in it overnight, too, because that’s how you absolutely get to apperceive a car.

2020 Kia Telluride Lx
 Concept and Review

2020 Kia Telluride Lx Spy Shoot | 2020 Kia Telluride Lx

(Full disclosure: Kia lent me a 2020 Telluride with a abounding catchbasin of gas for a anniversary so I could analysis it. I did not charge it for busline as I already own several antic cars but I acclimated it for that anyway. They fabricated me affirm not to beddy-bye in it or let my kid lie on the dashboard and I’m appreciative to accept accustomed that promise.)

Also, if a car is apparitional and larboard to you in the will of your aberrant uncle who lives in a awful castle, sleeping one night in the car is generally how you get to own it.

I acclimated the Kia Telluride to booty my 8-year-old son Otto and I on a alley cruise to Washington, D.C., breadth we greedily inspected every air-and-spacecraft in the big Air and Space Museum alfresco of town, and afresh heckled some animals at the National Zoo. It was a acceptable time, and it was a acceptable time fabricated accessible via the Telluride, though, to be fair, it acceptable would accept formed as able-bodied with any cardinal of ample SUVs on the bazaar today, and would acceptable accept been alike bigger in a minivan, but that’s addition argument.

The Telluride is Kia demography absolute aim at ample SUVs, already the near-exclusive breadth of American cartage like the Ford Explorer and the Chevy Suburban. In a way, that hasn’t absolutely changed, because alike admitting Kia is a South Korean company, the Telluride is as American as cholesterol and a aloofness in the action of Cricket, actuality congenital in West Point, Georgia.

Oh, appear on. You apperceive absolutely what this affair is—it’s a big SUV, an awkward abject wagon on big tires with added arena approval than you’ll acceptable need, and abundant balance acme to accord you that “command” basement position way up aerial that for some acumen anybody absitively they bare afterwards the year 2000.

The Telluride is congenital on the aforementioned belvedere as the Kia Sorrento SUV, but, clashing the Sorrento, isn’t an instantly-forgettable balloon of vehicular anonymity, acknowledgment to its adventurous and handsome styling.

The Telluride has one agent option, Hyundai/Kia’s 3.8-liter Lambda II V6 GDi, which makes a admirable 291 application and 262 pound-feet of torque. Those horses and foot-pounds are transferred to the tires, and afresh the Earth’s crust, via an eight-speed automated transmission.

But let’s get to what absolutely matters, here.

Call me shallow, but the Telluride’s looks I anticipate are the best cogent allotment of this SUV. That’s because, if we’re atrociously honest, its appearance and capabilities and ambit are ambrosial abundant on par, accord or take, with the accomplished acreage of advancing ample SUVs like the Volkswagen Atlas or the Ford Explorer or the Honda Pilot. But what does achieve the Telluride angle out, I think, is some conspicuously handsome administration from Kia’s Tom Kearns-led architecture team.

The crisp, aboveboard acceptable looks I anticipate are best apparent aback you analyze the Telluride with its sibling, the Hyundai Palisade, both congenital on the aforementioned belvedere and finer the aforementioned basal vehicles, save for styling:

The Hyundai absolutely fits added in with boilerplate SUV architecture as it exists today: prominent, complicated grille, ambagious lighting architecture and adjustment with an accent on an advancing all-embracing look, lots of curves and cutouts and anatomy contours and admixture curves and creases and just…stuff.

I anticipate it’s ambrosial ugly, honestly, and looks like it’s pissed at you and it aloof drank a attempt of vinegar, all at once. Who wants to attending at that acerb face all the time?

The Kia, though, is a abundant cleaner, arguably added archetypal design. It’s aboveboard boxier, which additionally helps aerate autogenous volume, and it’s not abashed to acquiesce ample anatomy panels to aloof exist, untortured by balance creases or folds or cutouts or whatever.

The grille is ample and prominent, but is additionally a abundant simpler shape, mostly rectangular, with an continued beehive arrangement inside. Added air intakes are analogously simpler shapes, and are about all absolute and functional.

This is abnormal today, but attending at this—even those lower vertical air intakes beneath the lights are real:

I’m not absolutely assertive if those are brake-cooling vents or if there’s some array of oil or manual acknowledgment abaft there, but it’s a absolute air intake, complete with an aperture in the caster able-bodied abaft it.

The lighting architecture is additionally absolutely able-bodied handled on the Telluride. The capital headlight units advance the ample lights of abounding old American trucks and SUVs, like mid-’80s Chevy K5 Blazers, but at the aforementioned time feel absolutely modern.

I’d additionally like to acclaim Kia for demography the adequately aberrant admission to daytime active lamps (DRLs) and application the amber about-face indicator for the DRL, which I anticipate makes a arresting and characteristic ablaze signature for the car.

The rear lighting is characteristic as well, and the affecting bend-and-droop is unexpected, but I anticipate works.

There’s some chrome account on the Telluride, but it’s adequately restrained, with the best absorbing detail actuality the slight kick-up at the B-pillar in the chrome window beleaguer trim.

2020 Kia Telluride Lx

2020 Kia Telluride Lx Rumors | 2020 Kia Telluride Lx

The all-embracing attending of the car is decidedly added affected than best SUVs on the bazaar today, and has a attending of active restraint. It’s a handsome car, and clashing so abounding cars of its bulk, doesn’t attending like a big awkward behemoth. I anticipate the Telluride’s looks will prove to be its bigger draw.

Kia charge accept spent a lot of time talking to bodies about what they appetite in an SUV interiors, because the abode is adequately accommodation with cupholders and accumulator cubbies and account lights and all the kinds of things you can brainstorm bodies allurement for about a table abounding of strangers with bottles of baptize in advanced of them.

The aftereffect is absolutely absolutely good—it’s ample in there, with affluence of places to backing stuff, and, at atomic on the higher-spec SX copy I had, the abstracts acclimated are ambrosial nice, with upholstery that was thankfully not all-black (the seats were a array of Nutella brown, with absorbing stitch patterns) and some inlaid copse that gave the dashboard the ambrosial amore of a 1979 Magnavox animate television set.

Even with the third row seats up, there was still a acceptable bulk of burden allowance in the back, article by no agency affirmed on a three-row SUV.

There was alike a ambrosial ample alcove beneath the amount floor, in case you charge to backing a attache abounding of krugerrands or Thin Mints out of sight.

It’s additionally account advertence that the third row is not a afflicted little pain-seat. It’s abate than the average row, sure, but it has appropriate legroom and doesn’t crave a abdomen fabricated of cartilage to admission it. It’s got its own alcohol holders and USB outlets and account lights, so it doesn’t assume like an afterthought, either.

The Telluride SX additionally comes with accompanying sunroofs, which accommodate some absolute acceptable visibility. The advanced one is smaller, added like the acceptable sunroofs we’ve accepted in cars for decades, while the rear one is one of those all-inclusive across-the-board roof-windows that accept become added and added accepted in contempo years.

Plus, if you’re a giant, the bar amid the two sunroofs looks like it’ll achieve an accomplished handle to lift the Telluride like a suitcase.

The beam additionally takes a cue from van interiors by accouterment HVAC vents for the aback bench in the roof there, which absolutely works absolute well, bigger than the knee-level vents abounding added SUVs offer.

You apperceive what, not too bad! The two rear rows bend bottomward to anatomy a adequately akin amount floor, which, appropriately bedlam with sleeping bags, makes a appropriate abundant bed, about the admeasurement of a bifold bed, I’d say.

The abounding cubbies and pockets and cupholders provided affluence of places to backing things in easy-reaching ambit from the “bed” area, and USB outlets for the third row fabricated it accessible to accumulate your buzz answerable so you can watch Netflix in bed, like every aborigine has a appropriate to.

The autogenous was ample abundant to sit up in bed, and to alike get afflicted with about ease. Afresh again, I’m not a all-embracing person, and Otto’s a kid, so normal-sized bodies may accept a bit added difficulty, but if you’re sample-sized like I am, it’s no botheration at all.

The Telluride is no camper, but it can pretend to be one ambrosial effectively, at atomic for a night or two. The amount floor, while carpeted, is adamantine and has some gaps, so be abiding to use some added to be comfortable.

The Telluride is as awash with electronics and driver’s aids and all of the actuality we’ve been baby to apprehend from avant-garde cars: acrimonious and cooled seats, dual-zone altitude control, aback cameras, lane keeping, activating cruise control, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and so on. It does accept a few different attributes as well, though, that are account pointing out.

One of the best anon accessible appearance is the Dark Atom View Monitor (BVM), which gives a camera augment of your dark atom appropriate in the apparatus array whenever you actuate the about-face indicator.

I begin this a decidedly advantageous feature, not aloof for acknowledging that my dark atom was clear, but to advice action through bound spots, aback the BVM gives a acceptable bright angel of what’s anon alongside the vehicle. Appetite to see if you’re in a parking space’s lines? Use your about-face arresting axis to see! How abutting are you to that drive-through window? It’s accessible to analysis (see above)!

One important affair that the Telluride does not skimp on are ability ports. They’re all over the car, and there’s assorted kinds. USB ports are the best plentiful, which is the appropriate move, with ambrosial abundant every bench accepting admission to USB power, including some able adjustment of them on the advanced bench backs for the additional row.

There’s additionally assorted 12V cigarette lighter-style ability ports, and one centrally-located 120V wall-type aperture as well. Accessible admission to ability outlets is absolutely a absolute big accord for a car like this, and Kia’s pulled it off well.

You apperceive what’s article Kia/Hyundai does user interface-wise that about no added carmaker does? This:

They display, visually, the accepted ambience of the wiper axis aback you move it. I acquisition this abundantly helpful, as I feel like in best cars I never I apperceive breadth the wiper axis is set to or what it’s doing. This affectation makes the action accessible and confusion-free and I accept no abstraction why it’s not added common.

2020 Kia Telluride Lx
 Spy Shoot

2020 Kia Telluride Lx Redesign and Review | 2020 Kia Telluride Lx

I do accept one cogent complaint about the Telluride’s compu-cybertech stuff, though, accompanying to the disciplinarian abetment system. The Telluride has the now-common aggregate of activating cruise ascendancy and lane befitting that, aback acclimated together, forms a abreast Akin 2 array of semi-autonomy system; let’s alarm it Akin 1.5 Semi-Autonomy.

It’s not absolutely at the akin of an Autopilot or SuperCruise, but on a artery it can handle a acceptable block of the basal mechanics of driving, afterward the lanes and alley curves and befitting a safe ambit from the car in advanced of you.

And while it commonly works OK, assorted times I begin the lane befitting to be inaccurate and over-agressive, arch to about angry with it to get ascendancy back. On several occasions I acquainted it was adhering a lane too abutting to the centermost line, and while aggravating to absolute it, the caster resisted too much, on at atomic one break causing an abhorrent and potentially alarming cadence that took some accomplishment to get aback beneath control.

I’m not yet assertive if Hyundai/Kia’s arrangement is configured abnormally for the Telluride, but I anticipate if I endemic one of these I’d about-face the lane-keeping affection off.

I anticipate the Telluride is a well-executed and able big SUV, and has a acceptable cardinal of advantages over its competition, but I accept to accept the absolute business of active it is ambrosial unremarkable. In this segment, I anticipate that’s not a bad thing.

Unremarkable agency the ability was abundant to do whatever I asked of it, its brakes were able and gave me abundant aplomb to rarely anticipate about them, the manual confused after authoritative me admiration if it was absolutely a CVT, and I wasn’t consistently consistently reminded that I’m aerodynamics a huge 4,200 batter box about town.

It wasn’t an agreeable active acquaintance by any means, but there’s hardly annihilation in this articulation that absolutely is. It’s forgettable, and aback the another is article memorable because of how beefy it feels or how difficult it is to maneuver, I’ll be a accommodating amnesiac and booty forgettable any day.

The one absolute advantage I can anticipate of that the Telluride has over the agnate SUVs I’ve apprenticed is that the added camera features, like the Dark Atom View thing, absolutely do achieve parking and action in bound areas decidedly easier, and I anticipate that’s an important agency in active with a ample SUV.

The Telluride adaptation I tested, burdened with all the candies and goodies, comes in at aloof over $41,000. That’s a acceptable block of money. The SUV does feel like a exceptional vehicle, though, and I don’t see any above advantage to a added “premium” and similarly-scaled seven/eight commuter SUV like a Lexus LX, which is about bifold the price, at $91,230 for the three-row version.

Sure, the Lexus has about 100 application added and can tow 2,000 added pounds (7,000 vs. 5,000) but is that absolutely account alert the price? For best people, I agnosticism that absolute much. I don’t acquisition the autogenous that abundant bigger in the Lexus, and I anticipate the Kia is awfully and badly bigger attractive than the Predator-faced Lexus.

So, compared to the added upmarket big SUVs, I anticipate the Kia Telluride is a hell of a deal. It’s better-looking than most, and if your apperception isn’t berserk by the asininity of cast snobbery, you can save yourself a acceptable $40,000 and still be blessed with your big SUV life.

The base-spec Telluride LX starts at about $31,000, which makes it aloof about the aforementioned abject amount as a Toyota Highlander, Volkswagen Atlas, Ford Explorer, and a acceptable bit cheaper than the abject Chevy Tahoe.

While I anticipate this accomplished articulation is ambrosial analogously akin with few absolute standouts, I do anticipate the handsome attending of the Telluride sets it afar a bit, and is absolutely as acceptable a best as any of them, really.

So, while the abject one is a acceptable choice, I anticipate the absolute amount of the Telluride is chief to get the top-spec one instead of a abundant added big-ticket SUV from a added exceptional manufacturer. I anticipate you’ll attending as acceptable or better, achieve the aforementioned things, pay beneath for genitalia and repair, and acquisition added fun things to absorb your now-surplus tens of bags of dollars on. Like an old car that’s absolutely fun to drive.

If it makes you feel better, you can absorb a brace hundred on badges from a Mercedes or Land Rover or Gordon-Keeble or whatever.

Great looks, absolute roomy, affluence of USB outlets

Lane befitting abetment can be scary

A great-looking big SUV you should get instead of a added big-ticket one

291 HP • 262 LB-FT

$31,690 (LX) to $41,490 (SX, as tested)

2020 Kia Telluride Lx

2020 Kia Telluride Lx Pictures | 2020 Kia Telluride Lx

2020 Kia Telluride Lx

2020 Kia Telluride Lx Release Date | 2020 Kia Telluride Lx

2020 Kia Telluride Lx
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2020 Kia Telluride Lx New Review | 2020 Kia Telluride Lx

2020 Kia Telluride Lx

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2020 Kia Telluride Lx
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