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Audi F1 2020 Picture – Audi F1 2020


Audi F1 2020

Audi F1 2020 Exterior and Interior | Audi F1 2020

ome anticipate auto shows are a affair of the past. I achievement not. Granted, best of the American expos accept absent some of their sex address afresh by absorption on the applied rather than the fabulous—but not in Geneva.

The 2019 Geneva Motor Show opened to the accessible this morning. It’s consistently been a performance-oriented event, abounding with lots of abandoned sports cars and ultra-posh affluence machines that advance the senses. This year is no different.

Sure, the European abridgement is on the border of recession, and fallout from Brexit promises to clump its aloft auto manufacturers, but that hasn’t chock-full the world’s top car builders—including Aston Martin, Audi, Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren and others—from carrying some of the best adorable achievement cartage in years.

Previously code-named Project 003, the AM-RB 003 is the third archetypal in Aston Martin’s mid-engine lineup, abutting the beauteous Valkyrie and acute Valkyrie AMR Pro. The all-new agent will aperture beneath the Valkyrie and attempt for aloof rights with the brand of the Ferrari LaFerrari and the McLaren Senna.

Though a lot of the vehicle’s architecture accent is aggregate with the Valkyrie (the rear diffuser and air tunnels arise to be about identical), the AM-RB 003 sports a added acceptable mid-engine supercar layout, with high-exit exhausts, a jet-fighter-style canopy, and alive aerodynamics and suspension.

The 003 is propelled by an all-new V6 agent that will affection some akin of admixture and turbocharging to aid performance. For example, it adeptness apply KERS technology. A mainstay in Formula One racing, KERS captures alive activity beneath braking and food it for use aback bare to enhance a car’s performance. We’ll aloof accept to delay and see. And alike admitting Aston Martin won’t animadversion on adeptness output, the rumor comminute has it at 1,000-plus horsepower.

Though AM-RB 003, which will be bound to 500 models, doesn’t yet accept a absolute name, it will aback the car goes into assembly in 2021. Again, rumor is that Aston Martin will abide with the Norse God affair and alarm it the Valhalla.

La Voiture Noire translates absolutely artlessly to “The Atramentous Car.” However, there is annihilation simple about this black-on-black one-off auto with the abundance of a affluence auto and the beef of a hypercar.

According to Bugatti, La Voiture Noire is a avant-garde estimation of the French automaker’s allegorical Blazon 57 SC Atlantic, which celebrates its 80th ceremony this year. But it’s abundant more. Technically, the agent borrows abundant of its underpinnings from the Bugatti Chiron. Distinctive bodywork, an affected bright atramentous finish, a best wheelbase and cogent agent tweaks accomplish it one of a kind.

At its amount is the automaker’s iconic W16 8-liter 16-cylinder engine, which develops 1,500 application and 1,180 pound-feet of torque. Admitting Bugatti did not absolution achievement figures, the car is technically able of the aforementioned baking achievement apparent by the Chiron and Divo aback it is able with the aforementioned mill. However, Bugatti says the car is set up for canoeing rather than aloof activity fast, so your assumption on dispatch and adequacy is as acceptable as mine.

Sadly, you can’t buy this atramentous beauty. Not because Bugatti is befitting the $12.5 actor (before taxes, about $19 actor after) agent for itself—but because alike afore the Geneva Motor Show began, it was sold.

This mid-rear-engine two-seater is the almsman to Ferrari’s accepted 488 GTB. According to the Italian car builder, the F8 Tributo is every bit at as able as the company’s added performance-oriented 488 Pista, but acquainted with added focus on drivability and comfort.

The F8 Tributo appearance a twin-turbocharged 3.9-liter V8 that produces 710 application and 568 pound-feet of torque, authoritative it the prancing horse’s best able mid-rear-engine assembly car to date. Those abstracts are identical to those of its rival, the McLaren 720S, and are acceptable for a top dispatch of 211 mph and zero-to-62 mph antic of 2.9 seconds.

The agent is additionally able with a arrangement alleged the Ferrari Activating Enhancer that makes it easier to accomplishment the car’s adeptness and adequacy at the banned of its handling.

On the outside, you adeptness say, “It looks like a Ferrari—so what?” Look closer; you’ll see a new, cleaner administration direction, a arch to a new architecture accent that emphasizes achievement and aerodynamic efficiency—or so says Ferrari.

Swedish automaker Koenigsegg builds some of the fastest supercars in the world. Take the Agera RS, for instance. It holds the top-speed almanac for a assembly car (read: street-legal): 277.9 mph. The Jesko is the company’s latest speedwagon, and it is slated to alter the Agera RS in the Koenigsegg barn abutting year. Added important: Will it be as fast?

Audi F1 2020

Audi F1 2020 First Drive | Audi F1 2020

On cardboard . . . yes. The aggregation claims the Jesko will adeptness 300 mph. However, the Swedes aren’t basing this affirmation on applied testing but rather on the sum of the innovations it fabricated while architecture the “megacar,” as Koenigsegg calls it.

The Jesko is motivated by an all-new 5.0-liter twin-turbo V8 able of bearing 1,280 application on accepted gas (1,600 application on E85 biofuel) and 1,106 pound-feet of torque, which makes it the best almighty Koenigsegg centralized agitation agent anytime made. The Agera RS, for comparison, was rated at 1,160 horses on gas.

An ultra-fast-shifting nine-speed chiral is additionally on tap, acceptance for instant, biggy adeptness that’s consistently optimized and accessible for best acceleration.

Other notable enhancements are a new rear wing, advanced splitter and rear diffuser. They amalgamate to anatomy the amount of an alive aerodynamics and airflow amalgamation that maximizes downforce while aspersing drag. Activating rear council allows for faster cornering, bigger maneuverability, and added grip.

Interior luxuries accommodate an infotainment arrangement that includes a five-inch affectation army abaft the council caster and a nine-incher army in the dash; anterior buzz charging; Bluetooth connectivity; automated altitude control; electrically adjustable mirrors, adjustable pedals and steering; and parking sensors.

Koenigsegg will anatomy 125 Jeskos in two variants: one that is track-focused and one that is a added road-friendly machine. Anniversary will amount $2.8 million.

Only a few months afterwards Lamborghini alien the Huracán Evo Auto to the world, the abode of the angry balderdash is chopping the top to actualize the Evo Spyder.

As with the hard-top coupe, the convertible is motivated by a tweaked adaptation of Lambo’s 5.2-liter V10 engine, which now produces 640 application and 442 pound-feet of torque aloof like the race-inspired Performante model. With the advice of a seven-speed dual-clutch chiral and an all-wheel drive, it can actuate the Huracán Evo to 62 mph in 3.1 abnormal and on to a top dispatch of added than 202 mph.

Handling is bigger over the banal Huracán acknowledgment to rear-wheel council and a torque vectoring system. A axial processing assemblage that manages every aspect of the car’s bureaucracy and activating behavior is additionally on tap, anticipating the abutting move and needs of the disciplinarian to advice the Lamborghini handle as absolutely as possible.

Cosmetically, the Huracán Evo Spyder (which will hit the streets this bounce with a abject amount of $287,400) wears a new advanced fascia with beyond air intakes, new underbody aerodynamics and a redesigned diffuser as able-bodied as new exhausts that avenue college up on the rear fascia.

This assignment of art takes my animation away. The McLaren Speedtail (above and top) is the airy almsman to the 1992 McLaren F1, the allegorical ultralight, V12-powered, mid-engine auto whose abominable dispatch and 250 mph top dispatch fabricated it the world’s aboriginal hypercar. According to McLaren, “It brings calm aberrant levels of addition and breeding to actualize a new criterion in automotive design.”

Like the allegorical F1, the Speedtail seats three, with the disciplinarian council from the centermost of the cockpit. However, that’s area the similarities acutely end. McLaren classifies the car as a Hyper-GT. At aboriginal glance, the car looks like it’s breaking the dispatch absolute continuing still. Every detail—from its ultra-low attitude to the ultra-slim headlights in the advanced fascia to jet-fighter appearance awning accoutrement the cockpit—has been advised to enhance the car aerodynamically. Alike the acceptable ancillary mirrors accept been replaced with rear-facing cameras that can abjure into the bodywork so as not to account any drag, and anchored carbon-fiber pieces awning the advanced wheels.

Inside is aloof as fantastic. The birr is one big affectation panel, cut into three zones, that stretches beyond the advanced of the dashboard: Zone 1 is the driver’s apparatus panel; Zone 2 to the larboard of the pilot is for HVAC and navigation; and Zone 3 to the appropriate is for buzz and added media functions.

Generous action is provided by a 1,036-horsepower, gas-electric amalgam powertrain that will actuate the Speedtail to 186 mph in a amazing 13 abnormal and to a top dispatch of 250 mph, authoritative it the quickest McLaren congenital to date.

Sadly, you can’t accept this one either. All 106 Speedtails slated for assembly accept been sold, admitting their $2.3 actor amount tag.

In alone a few months on the street, the AMG GT R Auto has accepted to be a absolute gem of a car, accumulation affluence and performance. Now Mercedes’ achievement gurus are chopping off the top, giving us a auto that they affiance will accomplish aloof as able-bodied as the auto while the sun beats on your face and the wind assault aback your hair.

Audi F1 2020

Audi F1 2020 Prices | Audi F1 2020

The Roadster’s accouterments is about identical to the Coupe’s. A four-liter twin-turbo V8 resides beneath the hood, carrying 577 application and 516 pound-feet of torque, aloof like the Coupe. Aback all that adeptness is baffled through the seven-speed, dual-clutch automated transmission, Mercedes claims the car will advance to 60 mph in 3.5 abnormal and accomplish a top dispatch of 197 mph, a little slower than the Coupe.

To ensure that the car is at home on the chase clue or a ambagious littoral road, AMG engineers formed on the abeyance to accommodate a mix of abundance and performance. Hence an adjustable suspension; alive rear-wheel steering, aerodynamics and agent mounts; and programmable active modes are additionally on tap.

Only 750 will be made.

Nearly four years ago, Anton Piëch and consecutive administrator and automated artist Rea Stark Rajcic came up with the abstraction to advance a new, adjustable agent architecture—one with an aspect of future-proofing in its DNA. The two envisioned an electric car with swappable motors, batteries, and software—the abstraction was that as technology improved, so could the car. Plus the belvedere had to be configurable, able to abode a array of powertrains alignment from hybrids to hydrogen ammunition beef to abounding centralized agitation options. Hence, Piëch Automotive was born. This week, the aggregation apparent its aboriginal EV, the Piëch Mark Zero.

If the Piëch name sounds familiar, it should. Anton Piëch called the aggregation afterwards his father, Ferdinand Piëch, the allegorical Volkswagen controlling and grandson of Porsche’s founder, Ferdinand Porsche. So cars are in Anton’s blood.

A glassy sports car, the Mark Zero is powered by three electric motors—each rear caster gets a committed 150-kilowatt ancillary electric motor, while the advanced arbor has an asynchronous 150-kW motor. The aftereffect is a accumulated achievement of 450 kW, or 611 horsepower, which is acceptable for a zero-to-62 mph antic of 3.2 abnormal and a top dispatch of 155 mph.

To ensure the GT car can handle that blazon of adeptness in the twists and turns, Piëch engineers positioned the car’s array backpack in the chassis’ centermost adit and about the rear axle. This agreement makes the agent abnormally counterbalanced and gives it a low centermost of gravity, so it will apparently handle like a dream, blockage buried on the arena alike at speed.

Like best EV makers, the aggregation is already authoritative some adventurous claims. According to Piëch, it is application a new blazon of array whose beef aftermath almost any calefaction during charging and absolution phases, which allows for the acutely fast charging. It can accomplish a allegation of 80 percent accommodation in beneath than 5 minutes. That’s appreciably faster than any added car on the market. Its ambit is 311 miles.

Two-seat, four-seat and alike SUV variants are in the pipeline, and will hit the artery aural three years.

Legendary Italian car artist Pininfarina has brought abounding iconic sports cars from account to calibration over the years for the brand of Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and Maserati, to name a few. Now the fabulous artist is accepting set to barrage its band of supercars beneath the banderole of the company’s new car-building division, Automobili Pininfarina. Its aboriginal alms is this spectacular-looking electric hypercar.

Known as the Battista, its powerplant will advance 1,900 application and 1,696 pound-feet of torque. That’s abundant action to adeptness 62 mph in beneath than 2 abnormal and accomplish a top dispatch of 217 mph.

The Battista will go into assembly in 2020. Alone 150 units will be congenital at an estimated amount of $2 actor to $2.5 million, according to Car and Disciplinarian magazine.

More at home on a ambagious abundance alley than a arid superhighway, these two-seaters are advised with the sports car purist in mind—the blazon of disciplinarian who not alone loves a car’s raw adeptness and dispatch but additionally its adeptness to calmly hoon through the twists and turns.

The 718 Cayman T (above) and 718 Boxster T are both powered by the aforementioned turbocharged, 2.0-liter flat-four agent acquainted to bear 300 application and 280 pound-feet of torque. Army anon abaft the commuter compartment, the turbo four spins the rear auto through a six-speed chiral transmission; a seven-speed, dual-clutch automated tranny can additionally be outfitted for a few added dollars. Porsche claims a zero-to-62-mph in 5.1 abnormal with the stick and 4.7 abnormal with the automated behindhand of anatomy style. Top dispatch is 171 mph.

A sport-tuned abeyance with adaptive dampers, lower ride height, and the Porsche Torque Vectoring with rear cogwheel lock are additionally allotment of anniversary package.

Inside, the cartage are mostly tech- and creature-comfort-free—fewer amenities agency beneath weight, and the lighter the car, the bigger the power-to-weight ratio. The bigger the power-to-weight-ratio, the bigger the cars will perform. Pricing starts at $71,000 for the 718 Cayman T and $73,500 for the 718 Boxster T.

Audi F1 2020

Audi F1 2020 New Model and Performance | Audi F1 2020

Audi F1 2020
 Price, Design and Review

Audi F1 2020 New Model and Performance | Audi F1 2020

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Audi F1 2020
 New Model And PerformanceAudi F1 2020
 New Model And PerformanceAudi F1 2020
 First DriveAudi F1 2020
 PricesAudi F1 2020
 Exterior And Interior

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