Kia Palisade 2020 Performance And New Engine

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Kia Palisade 2020 Performance And New Engine – Kia Palisade 2020

District of Columbia

Kia Palisade 2020
 Review and Release date

Kia Palisade 2020 Images | Kia Palisade 2020

These sales abstracts recorded by the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue were provided by Black Knight Inc. For advice about added residential absolute acreage transactions, appointment


Berry Rd., 3194-Frederick B. and Jewel W. Senior to Denis Rigoberto Hernandez, $330,000.

C St., 1335-Lesley Lawrence and Bradley Hammer to Jennifer Hitchon and Mary Brooke Coleman, $828,000.

Central Pl., 1833-Habitat for Humanity of Washington D.C. to Shamora Merritt, $345,000.

D St., 409-Michele A. Clark to Peter A. Devine, $757,000.

D St., 1707-Realty Homes Corp. to Amber Lee Kerr and David Deanna, $897,000.

Dix St., 4536-Antrena Bankhead Myers to Juan B. Cruz Machado, $380,000.

E St., 1605-Zewdi Solomon and Alexander Mesmer to Jared Scott and Kristin Dian Brudy Everett, $569,000.

Emerson St., 655-Shannon McGrath to Michael S. Kirk and Tia Upchurch-Freelove, $387,500.

F St., 1211-MDCVA Properties Corp. to Reza Akhavan, $1.3 million.

Hamilton St., 806-Estate of Ruben Wesley Sims and Wanda T. Sims to Eric K. Kuto and Mary M. Laurie, $430,000.

Holbrook Terr., 1123-Dilan Investment Corp. to Johannes Baker, $515,000.

Kramer St., 1670-Zachary E. Parker to Phillip Glen Thomson, $564,000.

L St., 1817-Kenisha Scott to Lorianne D’Orazio, $515,000.

Lincoln Rd., 1712-Arnulfo J. Villatoro to Kathryn P. Hollister and Patrick C. Howell, $557,000.

Maryland Ave., 1350, No. 305-Ran Nussbacher to Lisbet Kugler, $385,000.

Monroe St., 2607-Typo Corp. to Edward and Kaitlin Baptiste, $940,000.

Oklahoma Ave., 528-Darcy Elizabeth Scott and W. Read Scott Martin to Nancy A. Parrish, $500,000.

S St., 14, No. 302-Darren S. Block to Kodi Bhaskar Kottaidurai and Surya Ramasamy, $530,000.

V St., 314, No. 102-Umang Varma to Lydia La Motta, $257,500.

Second St., 2318-Estate of Roosevelt F. Lake and James Lake to Sonja Nesbit, $399,000.

Fourth St., 2024-Dorothy D. Brown to William F. Dick, $590,000.

Sixth St., 1212-Todd Hansen to Ryan Fiacco, $670,000.

Ninth St., 1021-Sara Walden to Nicole Michelle Pinko and James Toshio Saka Burchill, $827,500.

11th St., 428-Dilan Investment Corp. to Matthew J. and Maren M. Kahn, $1.33 million.

12th St., 3725, No. 201-Devon Anthony Brown to Talia Chavez, $190,000.

13th St., 401, No. 305-Carley Corda and Claudia Diandrea to Mariane E. Vail, $545,000.

14th St., 331-Anne N. and Lane N. McFadden to Daniel Matthew Liebowitz and Ariel Solaski, $785,000.

18th St., 3627-Kyla D. Holland to Guillermo A. Garcia Contreras, $495,600.

22nd St., 3311-Estate of Oliver Edgar Thomas Washington and Jeremiah Washington to Sean Patrick Jones and Timothy Duane Hysom, $426,000.

26th St., 3713-Estate of Michael W. Craig Sr. and Michael W. Craig Jr. to Nikiya M. Hall, $633,000.

35th St., 28-Gladys L. Baskett to David Grenaldo, $227,000.

50th Pl., 845-Charles B.W. Prince to Fareeda A. Gayle, $300,000.

56th St., 601-Quickboard Corp. to Daniel Contreras Garzon and Osorio Martinez, $455,000.


Adams St., 67-5design Development Corp. to Adam Holzsager and James C. Houston, $1.38 million.

Albemarle St., 4101, No. 609-Heidi Hubbard to Francisco Larubia-Prado, $915,000.

Arizona Ave., 2947-Keith Krom and Ines Luengo De Krom to Caroline Savage and Jason Snyder, $1.32 million.

Brandywine St., 4722-Robin P. Graham to Maia S. Merin and Alexander Nazaryan, $844,000.

California St., 1858, No. 41-Virginia Newman and Sundance Properties Corp. to Chye Ching Huang and Craig Arnold, $565,000.

Calvert St., 1832, No. 3-Marcus and Tisha Schestopol to Maria Fernanda Rodrigo Lopez, $725,000.

Cathedral Ave., 4201, No. 207E-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Carlsbad Funding Mortgage Trust to Xing Shen, $264,000.

Champlain St., 2328, No. 402-Jenny Schuetz to Carolyn Currie, $770,000.

Clydesdale Pl., 1801-Joseph B. Fienup to Susanna L. Segal, $259,000.

Columbia Rd., 1108, No. 106-Beverly A. Green and Khepra Anu to Brandon McElroy, $365,000.

Connecticut Ave., 3900-Rebecca Best to Gregory A. Grass, $345,000.

Connecticut Ave., 5315, No. 301-Rukman and Thushara G. Niyangoda to Imani Afryka, $262,800.

Davis Pl., 4114, No. 316-Shaun Gildea to Alyse Oneto, $349,000.

Dumbarton St., 2709-Hannah M. Stott-Bumsted to Augustus Lavinius Casely-Hayford and Sarah Kathleen Romer Wason, $1.59 million.

Kia Palisade 2020

Kia Palisade 2020 Reviews | Kia Palisade 2020

E St., 616, No. 649-Matthew L. Drake to Michael P. Vito, $720,000.

Fairmont St., 1309, No. A-Michael A. De Gennaro to Russell B. and Cheryl D. Logan, $700,000.

Fordham Rd., 4240-Juanita Leyva to Timothy P. and Quincey T. Grieve, $1.19 million.

Gallatin St., 223-Gharana Corp. to Jennifer Gann and Leslie Gann Waldman, $765,000.

Gate Rd. N., 1439-Martha Wetherholt and Michael Binder to James Sheldon and Payal Shah Martin, $825,000.

Girard St., 1137-David Colon to Joseph Y. and Molly A. Nizhnikov, $1.75 million.

H St., 925, No. 411-Mitchell S. and Joanne Bigel to Nandini and Somendra Singh, $648,000.

Harlan Pl., 6625-Paloma Panesi and Charles Taylor Ostle to Monica Palacio, $885,000.

Harvard St., 1469, No. 3-Harmeet Dhingra to Ashley Nelsen, $415,000.

Huntington St., 3708-Michael D. and Angela Madnick to Andrew A. Cruikshank and Catherine St. Denis, $1.56 million.

Indian Lane, 4852-Daryl A. and Elizabeth W. Libow to Xiang Lam, $5.21 million.

Irving St., 740, No. 1-Matthew and Mark Medvene to Hasan Mohd Mannan, $735,000.

K St., 1150, No. 202-Robert J. Duffy to Diane S. and Derrick A. Butts, $605,000.

Kenyon St., 1249, No. 3-Harrison Boxbaum and Noelle Tullio to Anamaria Camacho Lopez and Hector A. Serrano Navarro, $700,000.

L St., 440, No. 201-Federal National Mortgage Association to Sophie Hesse, $266,078.

Linnean Ave., 4548-Jill Lauren Johnson and Margaret Ann Roddy to Ethan J. Pittleman and Carolyn K. Rosenthal, $1.95 million.

Longfellow St., 601-Fame Homes Corp. to Omar M. and Ethel H. Badawi, $799,500.

M St., 910, No. 115-Phillip Solano to Anne Elizabeth Fleckenstein, $675,000.

M St., 939, No. B-Chad and Hye-Sook C. Leechor to Deepti Bansal and Paul Thompson, $1.75 million.

Macarthur Blvd., 5712-Ranjit Singh and M. Lisa Swoboda to Oren J. and Jessica Falkowitz, $1.18 million.

Marietta Pl., 415-AZLC Corp. to Keith M. Milne and William J. Malloy III, $699,900.

Massachusetts Ave., 555, No. 906-Warren V. Dymond to Jeremy C. Kubach, $412,000.

McKinley St., 2935-Patrick Edward and Lindner Morrison to Jonathan S. and Debra M. Klarfeld, $1.73 million.

Mintwood Pl., 1854-Jill E. Eynon to Anya Vodopyanov, $751,000.

N St., 2114, No. 16-Robert L. and Stephanie Melvin to Yongjia Chen and Roberto Jesus Pastor-Rodriguez, $370,000.

Nebraska Ave., 5275-Jonathan D. and Michelle S. Cohn to Kenneth Modde and Stephanie T. Maltz, $855,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 2039-David R. Dimitrious to Iain Trevett Robertson and Caroline Causey Baxter, $649,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 5125-Ei Holdings Corp. to John Klimek and Kai Pickens, $755,555.

Ogden St., 1452-Edward J. Delio to Tamara Gurevich and Mikhail B. Fedorov, $851,000.

Ordway St., 2755, No. 108-Danielle L. Lewis to James Nguyen, $336,000.

P St., 1734-Benjamin Jack Gorman to Jessica Bay Spiker, $399,555.

Palisade Lane, 4911-David J. and Kathleen M. Dignan to Christopher D. and Elizabeth F. Forte, $1.52 million.

Park Rd., 525, No. 303-Park View Condominium Ventures Corp. to Emily Mellencamp Smith, $655,000.

Park Rd., 1451, No. 502-April A. Puciata to Ainikki-Helena Riikonen, $280,000.

Pennsylvania Ave., 2555, No. 809-Sawafi Co. to Elliott M. Davis and Rachel Jonas, $1.12 million.

Porter St., 3891, No. E305-Robert and Virginia Stoffel to Holly B. Irving, $485,000.

Q St., 2516, No. Q101-Amy Fuling Lee to Zoya Vassilieva Collier, $480,000.

R St., 435, No. 402-Kerry Larkin McGrath to Rafael Galvan Jr., $459,000.

Reservoir Rd., 4711-John D. and Isabel S. Kunsman to Fadi K. Hasan and Zeena A. Abdul-Rahman, $1.2 million.

Rhode Island Ave., 1441, No. 517-Mina Miljevic to Facundo Santiago Martin, $372,000.

Rodman St., 4711-Catherine T. Clarke and Neil B. Shister to Jonathan P. and Caroline N. Decker, $1.6 million.

S St., 1726, No. 4-Eric Silva to Brittney A. Bernstein, $580,000.

Scott Cir., 1, No. 817-Sara Grace Goff to Elizabeth and Elise Moore, $268,000.

Sheridan St., 1383-Lambros D. Bisbikis to Jennifer and Matthew Berglund, $688,000.

T St., 3617-Francisco Larubia-Prado to Matthew Stephen and Alicia Michelle Amling, $895,000.

University Terr., 2933-Thomas O. and Billie Kay Horst to Jessica K. Buckingham and Ethan Whitmore, $1.23 million.

V St., 4821-Joseph O. Cascarano and Anissa A. Nabi to Luis Antonio Flores Ballesteros and Karla Renata Flores Romero, $1.08 million.

Varnum St., 129, No. 1-Gabriel Corp. to Ashley Fatheree and David Prendergast, $620,000.

Vernon St., 1811, No. 206-Joellen C. McGann to Timothy P. Wroble, $357,500.

Watson Pl., 3900-Estate of Diane Straus Tucker to Marc M. Wall, $775,000.

Kia Palisade 2020
 Price, Design and Review

Kia Palisade 2020 Overview | Kia Palisade 2020

Willard St., 1735, No. 7-Jeanette and Mark A. Binstock to Cara Gardner, $676,000.

Wisconsin Ave., 2111, No. 107-David H. and Allison B. Fialkov to Geraldine Moreano, $505,000.

Woodley Pl., 2753-Walter E. North and Judith J. Ryon to Tim R. and Helene Kalson Cohen, $1.2 million.

First St., 2329-Blash Corp. to Agnes and Monique Johnson, $791,620.

Seventh St., 777, No. 719-Lydia Liu to Arica Demarcus-Dadjou, $505,000.

Eighth St., 5421-Jose E. Jimenez and Sonya Estevez to Michael Haile Mariam, $915,000.

10th St., 1215, No. 2-Rachael Gosnell to Nina A. Anand, $485,433.

11th St., 1515, No. 1-2-Heath K. and Sarah F. Knakmuhs to Daniel C. Augustine, $512,000.

12th St., 1125, No. 75-Vinh Thai to Bibinuer Batuer Jappar, $300,000.

12th St., 2001, No. 302-Nishant Dahiya and Valentina Pasquali to Adrienne L. Rose, $625,000.

13th St., 1245, No. 511-Mark Greer and Shirley E. Jackson-Elnahas to Caroline Fabacher, $402,000.

13th St., 5719-Christopher R. and Brittany Allison Gallaway to Kara Leibin and Alfredo Azocar, $699,000.

14th St., 3821, No. 7-Oliver A. and Rebecca Dearden to Molly Thornton Turco, $649,000.

15th St., 2331-Nitchiko Berugoda to Cari Lutkins, $389,900.

16th St., 2001, No. 402-Scott A. Mackoul to Michael Blumenthal, $405,000.

17th St., 3350, No. 1-Jordana A. Hochman to Allison Sherman, $447,000.

18th St., 1601, No. 716-Eva Sterner to Rondip Dalal, $45,000.

19th St., 2100-Richard A. Smith to Pradyumna K. and Nikhil Padival, $449,000.

22nd St., 1177, No. 9A-Melis LLLP to Kruskaia Sierra-Escalante, $1.82 million.

24th St., 922, No. 216-Mark C. and Plant B. Garrett to Adil A. and H. Ferhan Kilical, $261,000.

25th St., 1275, No. 603-Laurie Jill Adler and Joseph Kent Walker to Natalie Anne Brand, $619,000.

30th St., 1077, No. 607-Kruskaia Sierra-Escalante to Ugo Amoretti, $789,000.

33rd St., 1616-Francisco Javier Jimenez Jimenez and Maria Jose Munoz Magan to Nancy Marie and Nicholas Walter Hungerford, $1.4 million.

39th Pl., 2238-Garrett D. King and Jessica L. Regunberg to Geraldine Kramer, $1.3 million.

39th St., 2820-Sujata Puri Singh to Karen Marie McMonagle and Thomas Joseph Wright, $1.43 million.


A St., 701-Lisa R. Riggs and Carolyn Morrow Cheney to Colin Douglas Campbell Jr. and Tessa Anne Criticos, $979,000.

Branch Ave., 1142-Illona M. Harris to Kia Nicole Weatherspoon, $325,000.

C St., 1818, No. 3-Valerie Smith and William Sansevere to Ali C. Kusmez and Nasreen Abusam, $725,000.

Capitol St. E., 1415-C & S Development Corp. to Matthew Christopher Dawes, $1.6 million.

Carpenter St., 3433-Alexis Norman to Mia Alicia and Elena Rutherford, $350,000.

Chesapeake St., 714-Ralph G. Wood Jr. to Lamar Lovelace, $369,900.

D St., 1544-Colin Hurd to Ryan Joseph Kearney, $626,500.

Duddington Pl., 112-Adam and Riana Studner to Leda Kahee and Clifford Douglas Bloomfield, $840,000.

Eaton Rd., 1500, No. 102-Rochelle D. Carter to Jawanna Henry, $257,000.

K St., 331-Stephanie Bocek to Scott Schmelzer and Samantha Newman, $925,000.

Pennsylvania Ave., 1391, No. 430-Tiffany M. Wheeler-Lewis to Shannon Hibbard, $389,500.

Savannah St., 1112, No. 21-Bp-Savannah Corp. to Gregory M. Banks, $235,000.

Suitland Terr., 2102, No. 201-Federal National Mortgage Association to Naomi A. Oledibe, $90,000.

Seventh St., 509-Daniel Vernon Dorris to Nicole and Eric Carter, $1.49 million.

11th St., 900, No. 201-Auto Club Corp. to Jason Reese and Stacey Lynn Secrest, $724,900.

15th St., 245, No. 304-Rajiv Rimal to Gretchen N. and Constantinos Giovanni, $495,900.

16th St., 119-James Anthony Steele to Kathryn Crosby, $590,000.

32nd St., 2411-Jerome and Constance J. Brocks to Carlos J. Cuprill, $545,000.

56th St., 99-Dameon C. Lloyd to Marisa Peal and Iesha K. Mason, $405,000.


M St., 240, No. E702-Khosrow Zahedi to Christopher J. Le Mon and Rachel S. Taylor, $257,000.

Sutton Sq., 45, No. 807-Wharf 4B Condo Owner Corp. to Rupal Varshneya and Jaivin Karnani, $499,900.

Fourth St., 800, No. N804-John Joseph Martinich to Blanca A. Schneider, $320,000.

Kia Palisade 2020
 Price, Design and Review

Kia Palisade 2020 Interior | Kia Palisade 2020

Kia Palisade 2020

Kia Palisade 2020 Price, Design and Review | Kia Palisade 2020

Kia Palisade 2020
 Price and Review

Kia Palisade 2020 Release Date | Kia Palisade 2020

Kia Palisade 2020
 Price and Release date

Kia Palisade 2020 Release Date | Kia Palisade 2020

Kia Palisade 2020

Kia Palisade 2020 New Model and Performance | Kia Palisade 2020

Kia Palisade 2020
 Release Date and Concept

Kia Palisade 2020 Ratings | Kia Palisade 2020

Kia Palisade 2020

Kia Palisade 2020 Speed Test | Kia Palisade 2020

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Kia Palisade 2020
 New Model And PerformanceKia Palisade 2020
 Speed TestKia Palisade 2020
 OverviewKia Palisade 2020
 ReviewsKia Palisade 2020
 RatingsKia Palisade 2020
 Price, Design And ReviewKia Palisade 2020
 ImagesKia Palisade 2020
 InteriorKia Palisade 2020
 Release DateKia Palisade 2020
 Release Date

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