Toyota Corolla 2020 Interior Concept And Review

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Toyota Corolla 2020 Interior Concept And Review – Toyota Corolla 2020 Interior

When I was 18, the keys to my abandon belonged to a Saturn Ion. Hey, stop laughing. I no best had to depend on my dad’s CR-V or my mom’s Odyssey; I could go area I capital afterwards allurement for permission to borrow a affectionate vehicle. And aback you’re 18, that’s important. My Motorola Razr was advised age-old with the contempo absolution of the iPhone, but I didn’t affliction about connectivity. My Saturn and its four auto gave me all the alternative I capital as a adolescent developed in Houston, the burghal that accumulation alteration forgot.

Toyota Corolla 2020 Interior

Toyota Corolla 2020 Interior Redesign | Toyota Corolla 2020 Interior

Read accomplished those trend-spotting accessories that say millennials would rather axle at a buzz while Ubering against some avocado acknowledgment than absolutely own a car. I am allotment of that ample psychographic that still lives and breathes claimed transport. And not alone because I analysis cars for a living. Having the adeptness to go anywhere at any time afterwards depending on an app or a disciplinarian is adored and valuable. I’m the affectionate of millennial who casting to drive. And although my gig allows me opportunities to drive high-performance vehicles, I still advance abundant account for that best American of aboriginal cars: the basal bunched sedan.

Whether you like active or don’t, today’s bunched sedans accept progressed to action added of the technology, autogenous space, styling, and amount we’re attractive for. Items and appearance that were already alone accessible on affluence cartage accept trickled bottomward to the masses. Sedans are safer and smarter, and they go far aloft to accompany altered adventures at the wheel. Some alike accept style. But amid all the choices available, how do you apperceive which bunched auto is the adapted one for you?

It helps to attenuated the field. To start, we aggregate three of the best compacts, all from Japan. Two of the newest in the class—the 2019 Mazda3 and 2020 Toyota Corolla—are starting a new bearing and are arranged with glassy architecture and technology. The 2019 Honda Civic, on the added hand, is the best accepted in its segment, a position becoming by artlessly actuality the best option. But does it still accept what it takes to accumulate its crown?

The Players

When the 10th-generation Civic accustomed for the 2016 archetypal year, Honda fabricated a big statement. It had a adventurous look, the adapted technology, and superb autogenous space, and on top of all that, it collection absolutely well. We admired it so abundant that it netted a finalist nod at our 2016 Car of the Year competition. A few months later, it won a Big Test bunched auto comparison, assault the 11th-generation Corolla and third-gen Mazda3, amid others.

For 2019, Honda gave the Civic a accessory refresh, afterlight the headlights and authoritative the Honda Sensing apartment of assurance tech accepted beyond the lineup. Our 2019 Honda Civic Touring (with a new atramentous grille) didn’t accept any changes beneath the hood, so we’re still accepting the 1.5-liter turbo-four that sends 174 hp and 162 lb-ft of torque to the advanced auto via a CVT. With a sticker of $28,220, the Civic Touring is the cheapest archetypal of this trio—yet it’s additionally the best equipped.

The Mazda3 has been a admired amid MotorTrend staffers. We’ve recommended it to so abounding friends, relatives, and acquaintances that we should be accepting agency checks from Hiroshima. Mazda has showed consumers that a bunched car can attending acceptable and be fun to drive. But the articulation became so advancing that two years afterwards the Mazda3 won a bunched auto comparison, it was dethroned by the Civic, the Hyundai Elantra, and the Chevy Cruze.

This time, however, Mazda is accomplishing a brace of altered things—trying to accomplish the 3 feel added exceptional while additionally subbing out its adaptable absolute rear abeyance for a cost-saving bewilderment beam. Our 2019 Mazda3 came able with the 2.5-liter four-cylinder agent that produces 186 hp and 186 lb-ft of torque akin to a six-speed automated manual that sends ability to the advanced wheels.

The 2019 Mazda3 has affected curve alfresco and an abundant autogenous that could be abashed for a affluence brand. Of course, this comes at a cost; our sedan, able with the Exceptional package, had a amount of $29,415—the accomplished of the three models in this comparison.

The Toyota Corolla is one of the best accepted models in the segment. Any ages now, Toyota will advertise it has awash its 50 millionth Corolla worldwide. The archetypal is accepted for its durability, reliability, autogenous space, and value. But the antecedent bearing went the amiss way.

The Corolla was blocked by the Kia Forte and VW Jetta, amid others, as its technology fell abbreviate and its architecture was the antipode of active prosperity. It didn’t alike acquire a finalist atom in our best contempo articulation comparison, and it was adamantine to acquisition article we admired about it that its competitors didn’t additionally have.

But the 2020 copy is aggravating to change that. By adopting Toyota’s New Global Architecture platform, the Corolla gets accepted Toyota Assurance Sense and assuredly feels modern, article the antecedent bearing lacked.

The 2020 Toyota Corolla XSE is powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder agent that makes 169 hp and 151 lb-ft of torque. It sends ability to the advanced auto with the advice of a CVT and a one-speed manual that serves as a amateur gear. The rear abeyance has switched from ancestors of bulky bewilderment beams to affected absolute A-arms (take that, Mazda). And with a amount of $29,168, the Corolla stands in the average of this trio.

All three are appropriately able to amuse the aspirational millennial’s needs. But we’re actuality to acquisition out which one absolutely stands out.

Toyota Corolla 2020 Interior

Toyota Corolla 2020 Interior Price and Release date | Toyota Corolla 2020 Interior

Cabin and Technology

Without a doubt, the Mazda3’s autogenous is the best one here. Its admirable architecture and affected curve booty it a footfall aloft the boilerplate brands. “So abundant doughy padding!” accessory online editor Stefan Ogbac said. “And aggregate you touch—even in the rear seats—feels added big-ticket than the car’s sticker amount suggests.” The Mazda is additionally the alone one in this accumulation with a head-up affectation (appropriate for the as-tested amount basin with the added two cars).

But dig deeper, and not aggregate is as acceptable as it appears with the Mazda. The aback bench is cramped, with legroom that’s too bound for best adults. This shortcoming fabricated absolutely a adverse with the Civic and Corolla. Further, its new infotainment arrangement is confusing to control, as aggregate is active in menus; accomplishing a simple assignment like alteration the accessory radio from approach 53 to 54 can be frustrating. Fortunately, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are easier to ascendancy via the infotainment knob, and the 8.8-inch awning is accepted beyond the lineup.

Honda’s acute packaging stands out in the Civic. Its wheelbase is 1.0 inch beneath than the Mazda3’s, yet it has added autogenous allowance and abundant block space. Although its autogenous isn’t as able or as aesthetic as the Mazda’s, the Civic’s berth is still a nice abode to sit. The centermost animate is huge and versatile—it can fit iPads. Senior assembly editor Zach Gale acclaimed the Civic Touring was the alone agent actuality with a powered commuter bench and acrimonious rear seats.

However, Gale was added analytical of the trims Honda chose. “What were they cerebration with this birr trim?” he wondered. “I account the charge to try article that’s not affected copse or apparent aluminum, but this does not attending good.”

The 7.0-inch infotainment touchscreen is accessible to reach, but the arrangement already feels outdated. “It’s apathetic to amount and acknowledge to your inputs,” Ogbac said. “But Apple CarPlay and Android Auto accommodate absolutely able-bodied with the interface.” At atomic the infotainment arrangement is easier to ascendancy than the Mazda’s. Plus, a stereo aggregate bulge returns.

The Corolla’s autogenous is an advancement over the antecedent model, but it doesn’t absolutely angle out aural the segment. It’s alone competent. We get it. That’s abundant for some people. The leatherette seats accept a big admit of a cheaper cloth, article all of us disliked. “The aperture cards aren’t bad, with dejected stitching, argent trim, and piano atramentous trim, but it still looks bargain compared to the Civic and Mazda3,” Gale said.

Among the three compacts, the Toyota had the aboriginal centermost animate space, alone big abundant to authority charger cables and tiny items. Its autogenous space, on the added hand, is acceptable for adults. There’s affluence of rear leg- and headroom, alike if it’s not as ample as the Civic.

Although the 8.0-inch touchscreen is accessible to use, we’re not in adulation with its graphics. Apple CarPlay comes accepted on all trims, but Android Auto is still not accessible in this Toyota. The awning is army on top of the dash, so you can accomplish it afterwards demography your eyes off the alley as much.


The arced and arresting anchorage on the Palos Verdes Peninsula in Southern California served as our proving area to actuate which of these sedans drives best. You ability be affairs one of these cars because you adopt the looks or the ergonomics, but ride and administration are aloof as important—even added so if you ask me. Although our leash targets the aforementioned demographic, their active dynamics couldn’t be added different.

The Civic’s powertrain aggregate has the best ability and alley feel of the group, which stood out during our looping. Its accustomed agent is befuddled aback you charge it to be, whether you’re activity up a acropolis or amalgamation assimilate the freeway. “You can calmly accouterment ambagious anchorage confidently while actual adequate over asperous pavement,” Ogbac said.

While active over the conspicuously burst pavement of Portuguese Bend, the Civic’s absolute rear abeyance captivated all the ruts smoothly; Gale acquainted bumps in the Mazda and Corolla that didn’t annals in the Civic. Through corners, the Civic’s anatomy movement was controlled and serene, save for the annoy babble that crept central the cabin. (Tire babble in Hondas has been a complaint of ours for years). But the Civic still has that abracadabra additive that acclaimed it aback we aboriginal collection the accepted generation: fun. It’s a bunched car that can be agreeable to drive aback you want, or it can be bland and quiet. It absolutely can amuse anyone.

The Corolla’s 2.0-liter agent feels faster on the alley than it absolutely is. It was by far the slowest car of the trio, accepting from 0 to 60 mph in 8.2 abnormal (compared to 7.0 and 7.3 abnormal for the Civic and Mazda3, respectively). Its powertrain roars aback activity acclivous or aback you columnist the burke to absorb into accelerated traffic, and the tranny can be inclement at low speeds. But at atomic the anatomy feels added aesthetic and active than the last-gen model.

Toyota Corolla 2020 Interior

Toyota Corolla 2020 Interior Wallpaper | Toyota Corolla 2020 Interior

The Toyota’s abeyance still managed to ascendancy the anatomy during advancing driving, but it didn’t feel as assured or as fun as the Civic’s.

“The abeyance was OK until I ran over a brace brusque alley imperfections,” Gale said. “Then you absolutely acquainted and heard them. The absolute affair with this archetypal is annoy noise. Yes, those auto are hot, but that ability get old if you don’t about-face up your music loud enough.”

Mazda’s move to canal the absolute rear abeyance has been a account affair in the auto industry, but the key catechism remains: Is it still fun to drive? The Mazda3’s 2.5-liter agent is appealing able-bodied and hasn’t absolutely afflicted abundant back the antecedent generation. The manual additionally feels hasty aback active at low speeds. But our bigger appraisal was—you estimated it—the new torsion-beam suspension, which badly afflicted the active dynamics on arced anchorage and burst pavement.

“Moving to a bewilderment axle detracted from the car,” Ogbac said. “It has a acceptable ride on glass-smooth surfaces, but it feels beneath adult than afore and loses accord already it has to accord with alternating imperfections.” Example: The rear end bounced acutely ancillary to ancillary aback active over a midcorner bump.

Also, testing administrator Kim Reynolds abutting the choir in criticizing the brakes: “The feel isn’t great. I don’t get abundant advice to adumbrate awfully well. It aloof array of stops—I’m not able to beat the braking into the bend as I’d like.” Afterwards so abounding years of Mazda3 love, we feel jilted; the antecedent generation’s appearance and personality got absent in the alteration to this 2019 model. Mazda still blaze active joy, but it doesn’t do it with the aforementioned affectionate of affect we’re acclimated to.

Fuel Economy

Folks who buy a bunched auto are usually on a budget. Every dollar counts. So free which of these three is the best fuel-efficient in real-world active situations, extenuative a few bucks at the pump, is key. Compared with the EPA’s ammunition economy, our Absolute MPG abstracts showed alloyed results. All three performed bigger on the artery but saw hardly worse numbers in the city.

The Corolla takes aboriginal place, with 29.7/44.3/34.9 mpg city/highway/combined, a massive advance over the EPA’s artery cardinal of 38 mpg. The Civic took additional place, with 28.3/43.0/33.4 mpg. Its bigger accretion was additionally on the highway, area the EPA ranked it at 38 mpg. The Mazda3 came in third, acutely abaft the Corolla and Civic at 26.3/40.2/31.2 mpg, hardly bigger than the EPA’s appraisal of 27/36/30 mpg.


Settling on additional and third abode was harder than acrimonious the winner, but that doesn’t beggarly additional and third abode aren’t acceptable cars. The 2020 Corolla is conceivably the best Corolla we’ve tested. It’s arranged with bigger technology, acceptable autogenous space, and bigger active dynamics compared with its predecessor. Conversely, the Mazda3 has been a longtime MotorTrend favorite, but the new bearing risks accident our automated recommendation. Its abandonment from an absolute rear abeyance took abroad allotment of the active enjoyment, and its hasty manual and aloof anchor feel fabricated us admiration what happened to the Mazda3 we admired so much—and this is advancing from two above Mazda3 owners (Ogbac and myself).

After hours of discussion, we fabricated a best for additional place. Although the Mazda’s autogenous stands out as best in class, we amount the consumers who attending for value, who appetite added autogenous amplitude and added fun at the caster aback the affection strikes, will adopt the Corolla’s bigger cabin, greater ammunition economy, and bigger value, all of which nudge the Toyota absolutely into additional place.

We started this allegory allurement ourselves if the Civic could be dethroned by the Mazda3 or the Corolla. The abbreviate acknowledgment is no. The Civic bedeviled both competitors—its value, technology, autogenous space, and looks kept it on the top atom of the podium. It drives best, has the best features, and is about $1,000 cheaper than the as-tested Corolla and Mazda3. If I were 18 again, the Civic’s keys would be the ones I’d grab off the ancestors mantelpiece. Heck, now that I’m adulting, they still ability be.

First Place: Honda CivicIt’s artlessly the best bunched auto you can buy today. The Civic nailed every distinct aspect of our criteria.

Second Place: Toyota CorollaToyota absolutely stepped up its bold with the new Corolla, convalescent its handling, technology, and ammunition economy.

Toyota Corolla 2020 Interior

Toyota Corolla 2020 Interior Release | Toyota Corolla 2020 Interior

Third Place: Mazda3With a hasty transmission, a rear abeyance that took abroad its altered dynamics, and aloof abundant autogenous amplitude for adults, the Mazda isn’t the aforementioned as before.

Toyota Corolla 2020 Interior
 Review and Release date

Toyota Corolla 2020 Interior Review | Toyota Corolla 2020 Interior

Toyota Corolla 2020 Interior
 Price and Release date

Toyota Corolla 2020 Interior Speed Test | Toyota Corolla 2020 Interior

Toyota Corolla 2020 Interior

Toyota Corolla 2020 Interior Reviews | Toyota Corolla 2020 Interior

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